Moving to Berlin

A few short weeks after graduation, while I was still traveling after a conference, I realized that I would be moving to Berlin to start a new job in machine translation. All of this happened so quickly– much quicker, I think, than I was mentally prepared for. But now the frenzy of bureaucracy is finallyContinue reading “Moving to Berlin”

Weeks 84 through 93

How long has it been since I’ve posted one of these types of updates? There’s been a lot going on. Spring and summer, for one! Everything is green and beautiful now, and there are flowers everywhere, although it has also been raining a lot. I wish I had more time to enjoy this season, butContinue reading “Weeks 84 through 93”


I woke up early today, from the howling wind. My cheap window panes rattled wildly in their frames as the wind thrashed the bushes outside against their screens. This shuddering and screeching mingled with my half-realized dreams as I struggled to bring myself into┬áconsciousness. The last threads of dreamworld lingered before my eyes, causing theContinue reading “Conspiracy”