Officialization 3: Internet

Officialization TOC Officialization 1: WTF comes next in Italy? Officialization 2: Apartment Officialization 3: Internet <— You are here Officialization 4: Stay Permit, part I Officialization 5: Picking Courses Officialization 6: Stay Permit, part II Internet My new apartment doesn’t have Internet yet, so this is something separate that I have to set up. I foundContinue reading “Officialization 3: Internet”

Weeks 42 & 43

This is the town where I am going to live next school year. It is full of narrow alleyways and wide piazzas with adorable restaurant patios. It is small. Compared to what I am used to, it is tiny. I took a trip there last week, to get a lay of the land. Of course,Continue reading “Weeks 42 & 43”