Weeks 73 through 78

The last couple of months have gone by really fast. It’s been cold and snowing, which has been quite lovely, but I am certainly looking forward to spring. This month, I started my new internship at FBK, I took an intensive Italian language course, and I’ve been training my aerial silks skills as well. AtContinue reading “Weeks 73 through 78”

Weeks 66 and 67

The last couple weeks have been short but packed. We had a lovely dusting of snow, so the view outside my window became a winter wonderland, just in time for the holidays. Although I am not a big fan of the cold, I have to admit, the snow is so lovely and festive. Also onContinue reading “Weeks 66 and 67”

The Rockies

Last night, we drove down from Laramie, Wyoming to Boulder, Colorado for an anniversary date. We decided to see an afternoon movie before heading off to our romantic sushi dinner. The movie ended at 5:30pm, so the sun had just started to set as we left the theater. Rushing out into the chilly mountain air,Continue reading “The Rockies”