Portland 400

Portland 400 miles. I’m on the road, and over halfway there. The wide, straight freeway has changed into a crooked mountain pass, as sunny inland pastures have given way to snow-dusted pine woods. Maybe it’s the change in terrain that does it, or maybe just the thought of the distance I’ve traveled, but the musicContinue reading “Portland 400”

The Rockies

Last night, we drove down from Laramie, Wyoming to Boulder, Colorado for an anniversary date. We decided to see an afternoon movie before heading off to our romantic sushi dinner. The movie ended at 5:30pm, so the sun had just started to set as we left the theater. Rushing out into the chilly mountain air,Continue reading “The Rockies”

Life and Mantis

It’s hard to write about things that you know everyone has the potential to see (even if not many people currently read this blog). Here goes. It’s been a tough few months for me. It seems wrong to complain or ask for help, when I know other people have it worse. People in less well-offContinue reading “Life and Mantis”

Musing during my daily walk

As the day was winding down, I decided to take a walk to clear my head and get some¬†exercise. The last rays of sun shone like phoenix fire onto the wide hills around Simi Valley, casting each rock and tree in bronze, all the more striking for the dark thunderheads that gathered on the horizon.Continue reading “Musing during my daily walk”