Weeks 57 through 60

September and October have been the months of hikes. It’s been surprisingly warm during the day, though the evenings have been chilly. I’ve gone somewhere almost every weekend with friends, and I’ve watched the trees turn from green to gold to rust. At the end of September, a friend with a car took us onContinue reading “Weeks 57 through 60”

Officialization 6: Stay Permit, part II

Officialization TOC Officialization 1: WTF comes next in Italy? Officialization 2: Apartment Officialization 3: Internet Officialization 4: Stay Permit, part I Officialization 5: Picking Courses Officialization 6: Stay Permit, part II <— You are here Officialization 7: TV Tax Stay Permit, part II In Stay Permit, part I, I went to the post and paidContinue reading “Officialization 6: Stay Permit, part II”