Is it weird that since the Coronavirus lockdowns began, I have socialized more from home than I ever do in person? Reconnecting with friends around the world, each conversation starts the same way– no preamble or typical small talk, but rather an immediate launch into updates on your country’s response to this pandemic, and yourContinue reading “Lockdown”

Why don’t you like Berlin?

“But why don’t you like Berlin?” I don’t like Berlin for the same reasons I don’t like most big cities. It’s dirty, expensive, and full of people. The streets smell like cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and literal shit. There’s rats. There’s no easy access to nature– “What do you mean? Berlin is one of theContinue reading “Why don’t you like Berlin?”

Moving to Berlin

A few short weeks after graduation, while I was still traveling after a conference, I realized that I would be moving to Berlin to start a new job in machine translation. All of this happened so quickly– much quicker, I think, than I was mentally prepared for. But now the frenzy of bureaucracy is finallyContinue reading “Moving to Berlin”