Life can’t be fit into a little timeline, or even on a branching tree diagram. Life comes at you in a constant shifting pattern of lights and colours, a rotating whirl of despair and joy. Inside that confusing kaleidoscope of experience, it’s hard to find your way. Somehow, we have to escape it long enough to extract meaning and purpose, and then return to it again with a renewed determination — a determination to live.

All platitudes aside, this blog was created without any deep purpose or clever goal, but only as a place to collect my various observations and ramblings, because I thought that it was “about time” to get a blog up and running.

This blog is currently in beta, meaning I’m probably going to be changing everything about it, or maybe I won’t change anything at all because I will be too busy/lazy. It will probably remain in this bedraggled state for a long time. …Not much of a marketing scheme I have here, I know.

Incidentally, the headline image is one I took in December of 2010 during a visit to Wyoming. A rare bout of hoarfrost caused ice crystals to form on the tips of white Christmas lights. I stayed out late with my little point-and-shoot Canon camera, and it was very very cold.

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