Officialization 7: TV Tax

View from Castel Beseno

Officialization TOC

  1. Officialization 1: WTF comes next in Italy?
  2. Officialization 2: Apartment
  3. Officialization 3: Internet
  4. Officialization 4: Stay Permit, part I
  5. Officialization 5: Picking Courses
  6. Officialization 6: Stay Permit, part II 
  7. Officialization 7: TV Tax <— You are here

TV Tax

It seems like European countries in general tend to have some sort of TV tax. This is a ridiculous tax that you pay for the privilege of existing in a world with television stations, even if you don’t own a television.

Fortunately, in Italy (unlike in Germany), you can get out of paying this tax if you declare at Agenzia delle Entrate that you don’t have a TV. Unfortunately, I was supposed to do it within a month of moving here… or something. Since I didn’t do that (because I didn’t know about any of this), I have to pay the tax for the rest of this year. The good thing is I can declare that I won’t have a TV next year, so I won’t have to pay the tax for next year. This year, I’m stuck though. The first month’s tax already cost me 33 euro, but I don’t know if that’s how expensive it always is or if that much was just the first month.

To declare that you won’t have TV in the next calendar year, you just bring your codice fiscale, passport, and address (well, I brought my lease just in case) to the Agenzia delle Entrate, and you just have to sign a paper stating you don’t have a TV. I doubt anyone ever comes and checks.

If you do have a TV, and you pay the tax, the electric company is the one that deducts the tax from your account, and sends it to the correct place. No one ever tells you about this, and I only found out it thanks to a friend, who noticed the charge on my electric bill. By the way, the electric bill set up fees were really expensive in general!



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