Officialization 1: WTF comes next in Italy?

The view from the train on the way to Rovereto.

Officialization TOC

  1. Officialization 1: WTF comes next in Italy? <– You are here.
  2. Officialization 2: Apartment
  3. Officialization 3: Internet
  4. Officialization 4: Stay Permit, part I
  5. Officialization 5: Picking Courses
  6. Officialization 6: Stay Permit, part II
  7. Officialization 7: TV Tax
  8. Officialization 8: Stay Permit, part III

WTF comes next?

Back to this again– the craziness of figuring out how to get a stay permit, now with a husband and a separate apartment to think about as well, plus an almost complete lack of knowledge of the local language. The stress levels are quite high. Anyways, here is my best guess as to the order in which things will need to get done next (grey is for spouses/children). I will probably be updating this post a lot as new information comes up.



Once again, that’s a lot of stuff, and I will be breaking it down into separate posts as I get each step done. So far, I know I will probably have to visit at least 3 agencies at some point: Agenzia delle Entrate (entry), and Questura (immigration),¬†Anagrafe (registration).

The first step is getting a codice fiscale (tax code), but luckily, my school was able to apply for one on my behalf, so this task, at least, is done. Moving forward though, there is still a lot to be done.

Unlike last time, I feel even more disconnected from everything, probably because I am an atypical student (with a husband, separate apartment, over 30), and because last time I was able to come a month early to take an intensive language course where I met other students dealing with the same problems, and participated in some social activities that cut the stress. This time, there is no intensive language course at the start, and I really feel that it’s a damn shame.

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