We have seen the rise of terrorism and hate in the US, as neighbours, classmates, and colleagues turn against one another in fits of reprehensible rage. I am not talking about who won the election right now. I’m only talking about the daily acts of terrorism from people on all sides such as the shooting at a polling place on election day, the brutal attacks against LGBT people, blatant racism, and numerous attacks in the streets against basically anyone who is not a white cis-gendered male. Note also that this is not all one sided. People are talking about assassinations, about reaping what you sow, about seceding from the nation. Some are blaming whites for what is happening, which makes as much sense as blaming all non-whites. You can’t fight racism with racism; that just spreads more hate.

Who won the election is of little importance in comparison to the enormity of the crimes Americans are committing against one another today, on all sides of the political spectrum. This is completely heartbreaking. Look, it’s not rocket science: treat others as you would want to be treated. Stop trying to split up into an “us-vs-them.” We all live on the same little blue planet (though for how much longer, I fear to speculate). You cannot blame politics for your shitty attitude– no, that is entirely on you.

In the wake of all this terrorism and hate, I feel completely at a loss. Whatever I say here has been repeated many times before. Anyone who reads this post would have already heard it. Anyone who agrees with it, will continue to agree with it, and anyone who disagrees with it will continue to disagree with it. Most likely, anyone who is reading this is not one of the assholes that is committing these crimes anyway. My small words can’t make any difference. Even if I was home right now, I don’t know what I could do. Half a world away, I am helpless to do anything at all.

I guess we just go on with our lives, and try to be the best people we can be, despite the hate. I guess we do our best to hold each other up, particularly when we see harassment in the streets. I guess we just try to be strong, and face the hatred head on with reason, compassion, and empathy, trying to hide the fear that makes us tremble inside.

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