Week Seven

A lot happened this week, even apart from the school shenanigans, and my completed visa application.

For one, this week they replaced the kitchenbox in my bedroom with a new one. The old one only had one burner that worked but when they tried to replace it, they realized the wiring was done wrong, so they had to call in an expert. Overall, it took three days to get this done, meaning I ate out a lot.

Unfortunately… and I know it’s hard to believe that this might be possible… but the new kitchenbox is actually worse. The mini-fridge is designed in a terrible way, making it much harder to fit everything into. The burner controls are now located on the top of the stove, instead of on the side, meaning the entire left hand area of the stove top is commandeered by just two little knobs. As a result, the burners are moved over to the right a little, and this means there’s actually less “counter” space in the middle.

I don’t have a picture of my old kitchenbox but it was essentially identical to the one I had in the dorms. Here is a comparison picture… I know it doesn’t seem like much… but well, when it’s all you’ve got, those small things make a big difference:

Living here in general has been mediocre. It’s a tiny tiny room, in someone else’s house. I can’t stretch out, and I have no oven… all I have is this kitchenbox. I went with this place because it was quite cheap, the location was ideal, and because I had nothing better lined up in time. Now that I have a place I can start looking for something better. Unfortunately, many people really want you to lease for 1 year, and it looks like I will be moving to Italy probably at the end of July, meaning I only have 8 months or so (I have to give 30 day notice here as well). That, plus the competitive nature of the market here, means it’s possible I won’t be able to find anything else at this point.

On the other hand, my landlords are pretty nice (although I only understand about half of what they try to say to me). On Friday, they invited me to go with them to Frankfurt for the Frankfurt Buchmesse, one of the largest (maybe the largest) book conventions in the world. Since the husband is a book shop owner, he had a free ticket for me! Just one room of this convention was basically the size of a Barnes & Noble, and there were around 14 such rooms. Publishers from all over the world were represented there (from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe!), so it was quite interesting.


Printing press tools at the Gutenberg Museum’s stand at the Buchmesse

I’ve always been interested in learning languages, but at this book fair I was reminded, once again, how important this really is. I was walking around the huge areas with international publishers, and there were so many books I couldn’t enjoy, because they were in a language I didn’t know. I was saddened by this. I’m lucky because at least I sort of know a small handful of languages… it must be so enlightening to know many fluently.

Costs this week:

I’m still annoyed at myself about food costs… it could be so much lower, honestly, but I am just being lazy about it, and completely spoiling myself.

On the other hand, I really managed to restrain myself at the book fair. I just don’t have room for books in my small room, and I didn’t want to buy them just to send them back to the States. Besides, since these are huge publishers, most of the books they sell can actually be ordered online.

  • €27 – warmer clothes since it’s getting cold
  • €3 – souvenir at the book fair
  • €2 – laundry
  • €170 – eating out and groceries (don’t recall how much of each now ugh)

2 thoughts on “Week Seven

  1. Dude, the difference in the stove is completely obvious. It even seems a little silly, all that wasted space on those two little knobs. You’re really making the best of this housing situation. I know you don’t have a choice, really, but you still deserve a high-five. The book fair sounds awesome!

    • Yea, you see what I mean! Also, why are there ridges in the middle of the new one? What are those ridges for? The flat way is much easier to clean and work on.

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