Officialization 4: Matriculation

Officialization TOC



I’ll learn to be as smart as him!… er…

“Matriculation” means officially signing up into the university. You can do this online. Unfortunately, the website where you can do this at my university is available in German and in a basically google-translated English (with some random German bits thrown in). Both versions sort of assume that you went through the German schooling process, so some of the terms are German-only terms.

This matriculation web-page is the first (but undoubtedly won’t be the last) time that I have felt like I just have to throw darts blindfolded.  I had to walk through this page with my department adviser, and even she had difficulty with it. (In retrospect, I should have done it at the “Welcome Center,” because they actually know what this is all about.) At the end, I was given a Bewerbungsnummer (application number), which was very important to write down (good thing I always write things down).

To do the matriculation webpage, I needed these documents in pdf format, except for the passport photo which had to be in jpg format:

  • Proof (or waiver) of health insurance
  • An address to receive mail (can be the school’s, but you have to change it to your real one later)
  • A copy of my bachelor’s degree
  • A copy of my passport
  • Passport photo
  • A receipt of payment of the matriculation fee (€207)
  • Signed and scanned in confirmation page you get at the end of the matriculation webpage, before the upload docs section

Afterwards, I have to keep manually checking another hard-to-find status webpage using my Bewebungsnummer for an update to my matriculation status. Once this status gets updated, I should get my student id card, which includes a bus/rail pass, ability to use the school devices, e.g. printers, and discounts around town including at the school Mensa (cafeteria).


The web page that tells you if your matriculation is done was finally updated. I went to the office where you get the student id card to pick up the card. This office is open from 9:00 – 12:00. They told me that I first had to go to a different office to get my Immatrikulationbestätigung (confirmation of matriculation) document, and that that office was only open from 13:30-15:00, so I would have to come back to the card place the next day after doing this. I didn’t quite understand where that office was, so I just said “I don’t understand” in my crappy German … and the lady at the card office printed out the card for me anyway. Wtf? You could have done it the whole time anyway?

However, I still needed that Immatrikulationbestätigung document for my visa appointment later this month. So afterwards, I went to the Welcome Center. These people are some of the only people that actually know most of the process you have to go through. The lady there told me how to go to the IT office, which is the place that gives you your school intranet login (also WiFi login). After getting this, I was able to login to the school intranet (which looks a lot like the hard-to-find status update webpage, but you log into it with different info), and download/print out a copy of my Immatrikulationbestätigung.


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