One side of the Trierer Dom (Cathedral of Trier)

Words lay strewn about like puzzle pieces on the floor. The puzzle must be solved. The corner pieces are already joined, as are the ones in the middle with the picture of a cottage on them. The blue sky and the green grass are mostly featureless and finding pieces that fit is difficult. I shove one in, perhaps with a little too much force; now that I inspect it closer, it seems like the shape isn’t quite right. The word ending must be wrong, or perhaps it’s just my pronunciation of it.

I reach for another piece from the pile, but this one is the wrong colour. It must come from some other puzzle all together– how did this get here? German, French and English mix in my mind as I try to switch between them.

I need more pieces to complete the picture. I stretch my arms wide and rake in every word I can find. Some come off the street, some from the texts and signs around me. The puzzle pieces fall like Autumn leaves, and turn brown as they touch my mind. My strange brain warps and distorts them until they are no longer recognizable. The cottage in my puzzle grows chicken legs. This can’t be right…


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