Two-bite Breakfast

*Takes four or five bites to consume
Perfect for breakfasts on the go, or work lunches.

Today I tried a new breakfast recipe, the Two-bite Breakfast, and just wanted to share my success! These delicious bites of heart-attack are made with cheesy toast on the bottom, bacon strips wrapped around, and one wholesome egg in the middle.

To head in a slightly more healthwardly direction, I recommend low-fat, low sodium bacon (which I prefer anyway) and whole wheat bread. You can also scramble the eggs and add in some veggies for an omelette breakfast cup. The variations possible for this recipe are limitless.

To avoid wasting bread, use one slice per one cup and make bunny-in-a-holes the next day, or cut two holes out of each slice and use the bread scraps for bread pudding.

Since this was my first try at the recipe, I only made a few slight tweaks:

First of all, I didn’t bother separating the egg yolk from any of the egg white, because I like the egg whites as much as the yolks. As a result, my Two-bite breakfast was more like four or five bites.

Second of all, I let the eggs bake for a little bit longer, until the yolk was almost completely hard. This is, of course, a matter of preference. However, having a harder yolk also allows for easier transportation, and these little cups of heaven are just perfect for breakfast on the go, or lunches at work.

Finally, I had four rows of three breakfast cups, so I put four different herbs on top: oregano, tarragon, paprika, and none. I have to say that the tarragon probably tasted the best, with paprika coming in close second. I also used three different cheese combinations along the three rows. The result was that each breakfast cup was unique. =)

The credit for this recipe goes to Meseidy over at Nosherry, and a big thanks to her for posting it online! Mine don’t look as good as the picture on that post, but I think they were just as tasty.

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