I woke up early today, from the howling wind. My cheap window panes rattled wildly in their frames as the wind thrashed the bushes outside against their screens. This shuddering and screeching mingled with my half-realized dreams as I struggled to bring myself into consciousness. The last threads of dreamworld lingered before my eyes, causing the waking realm to swim and dance confusingly before my eyes.

Steadying myself, I stumbled into the shower. Bouncing from stone to stone, across a river of stranded thoughts, I finally managed to complete my morning routine on autopilot. Ok, it’s time to get to work. I have some Chinese content development ahead of me today, followed by a large bulk of Russian sentence stimuli creation. I also have some errands to run and clothes to pack, but that can wait for now.

If only life were that easy: sit down, do some work, pack your bags.

The first hitch in the plan comes half an hour later, when the rest of the household wakens, and accosts me with talk of a lost adapter. In a rat-hole like this, the miracle is that this adapter was categorized among the “found” at some nebulous period in the past. The fact that this adapter was also mine is a happenstance not worthy of particular note.

The second hitch in the plan comes an hour later. I’m already in a bad mood, so little things are beginning to bother me. First it’s the annoyance of finding a way to type a particular character on Windows (there has to be a better way!). Next it’s a frustrating email from a project collaborator on one of the many things I’m involved in. Finally, like a lion pouncing on its cornered prey, the adapter discussion resurfaces once more.

I’ve had enough. I angrily force the buzzing flies of madness from my mind, turn my background music up to 11, and allow at least the semblance of peace to return to the sanctum which was once my work space. Back to work–!

That’s when the gardeners come. The uneven roaring of weed whackers and lawn mowers outside my window mirrors the red roar of fury bubbling in my heart, as I flee helplessly from my room, laptop in tow.

The world has conspired against my getting any work done today. “But these are dragons that we can take on.” Maybe Starbucks will provide a safer haven.


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