Life and Mantis

It’s hard to write about things that you know everyone has the potential to see (even if not many people currently read this blog). Here goes. It’s been a tough few months for me. It seems wrong to complain or ask for help, when I know other people have it worse. People in less well-off countries are dying of starvation! My friends are dealing with their own messed up lives too. What right have I to complain?

Still, sometimes it seems like I was never ready to face the real world. Balancing an uncertain financial situation, a newly acquired medical condition, and life-altering decisions all in the span of a few months is difficult to say the least. I’m sometimes inexplicably irritable, and often frustrated with the things going on around me.

I try not to put my problems off on anyone else, but I don’t always succeed, and end up annoying people who deserve better. Well, a lot of people go through this sort of thing I guess… just have to keep aiming for the light at the other end of this tunnel. And it’s not all bad. I’m working on a fun linguistic project right now. I feel better when I’m busily working on something.

Praying Mantis in Frazier ParkOn a lighter note, my folks and I went up to the mountains last week. The pine trees in Frazier Park drop their pine cones in the fall, and last time we went we collected many tins of fresh sap-scented pine nuts. Unfortunately, this year we missed the pine nut season by a couple weeks — the squirrels had gotten most of them by the time we got there. However, I caught some photos of a fairly well camouflaged praying mantis, which is the first time I think I’ve ever seen a mantis.


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