Greetings to you, my fellow nerds!

“Hello World!”

That was the default title of the example introductory blog post that WordPress placed for me in this space. An homage to the first program new programming students often write, this short phrase has quickly become cliché across the almighty Internet, being programmed into everything from assembler to biofilm, and plastered across blogs and web sites everywhere.

But clichés are cliché in part because they reach a great many people. So how can I get this blog to reach many people? Greet as many as I can, of course!

Hello, world!

Здравствуй, мир!

Bonjour le monde!

Hallo Welt!


Well, my limited language skills stop there, and to be honest, I am not sure if I got the Japanese one right. How do you greet your neighbors? How would you say “Hello, World!” in the language(s) you speak?


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